Perspective view maps are very effective in highlighting shopping areas, businesses, historic sites and cultural attractions for community visitor guides and newspaper or magazine advertisements. The maps on this page demonstrate a wide range of styles. Click on any of the links at the right to see more details of these useful maps.
City and Town Maps
Used in a widely-distributed shopping guide, this map was also enlarged, laminated and posted in the downtown area to entice visitors to this charming historic community. Every business is identified by a color code, and the buildings are drawn in two dimensions for easy identification.
Woodstock Shopping Map
This map was created for the Normal Illinois EDC to show the Uptown District. The map has been updated as new building projects have been finished. Buildings planned but yet to be completed are shown as semi-transparent.
This base map was used in a Downtown Bellingham WA city guide book. While showing substantial building detail, it was created quickly and economically using aerial photos obtained from the web.
City of Bellingham
City of Normal, Uptown District
This map was drawn to highlight the boundaries of the Lockport Illinois Historic District and to portray a number of the surviving historic structures. Only certain designated buildings were rendered, as requested for the client’s purposes.
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City of Lockport Historic District